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The University supports all the initiatives on behalf of its students. This is reflected in the activities of student organizations at PWUC. They undertake cultural and social actions, usually of an open nature, thanks to which the city's inhabitants and students of Płock schools can participate in them also.


PWUC Dancing Group 'Impresja'



The PWUC Dancing Group 'Impresja' functions at the Sports and Recreation Center. The group has 60 dancers, divided into 3 dancing groups. The Group has prepared about 50 choreographic routines of different lengths, which allows to adjust them to the needs of a specific event (from 40 seconds to 3 minutes).

Impresja's performances give lustre to sports events held on the University's premises and to those taking place all over the country. The Group wins numerous awards in regional and national competitions.


The PWUC Dancing Group 'IMPRESJA' is a member of the Polish Cheerleading Association, as a result of which they are in touch with other groups.

impresja_1 imp
Student Parliament

This organization is considerably involved in the University's activities. It undertakes the studying of youths and adults. It is led by a President elected by the Council of Delegates (class prefects of all the semesters and courses). The Parliament's representatives participate in the work of the University's collegial bodies: its Senate, Department Councils, Scholarship Board, Disciplinary Board, as well as in the work of the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland. The Parliament informs, advises and participates in granting maintenance grants.


It is also an initiator of numerous cultural events ("Juvenalia" student festival, film festivals, meetings with popular personalities, conferences, discotheques, occasional parties and raising funds for

AZS "Wlodkowic" (Academic Sports Association) 

AZS is a student sports organization. It brings together over 200 students in 6 sections:

  • futsal,
  • football,
  • men's basketball,
  • (mixed) volleyball,
  • mountain cycling,
  • horsemanship.
Chamber Academic Choir of PWUC

The Choir has existed since 1994. It has a polyphonic structure. The Choir's repertoire includes folk and Old Polish songs, "Negro spirituals", carols, classic and contemporary works). The choristers sing with and without accompaniment. They prepare both outstanding pieces (e.g. by V.A. Mozart) and light songs, in four-part arrangements. They have accompanied, amongst others, Joanna Rawik, the Płock Symphony Orchestra, Grażyna Brodzińska, Ewa Bem, Agnieszka Fatyga and Hanna Banaszak.

The Choir gathers once a week to practice voice production and enunciation, to prepare new repertoires whilst revising the old one. Of course all this, apart from being their passion, is to prepare for numerous concert performances. The Choir is also involved in charity. It is the initiator of a cycle of concerts "Give a hand".
All those with basic predispositions can join the Choir. Anyyone who is interested will be made welcome.

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